Study Update Without Site Visit

This form is for the yearly update when no site visit is required and for existing BRG clients only. Remember that your data is not submitted to BRG until you click the “Submit” button at the bottom of this page. This online form is adequate for most simple updates, but if your situation is more complex, please contact BRG for a personalized Microsoft Excel update workbook.

Click here if you would like to download a printable Adobe PDF version of this update request form instead of using the online submission form below.

Fill in above blank or simply provide last year end audit, review, compilation or financial statement. This information must be provided, even if the association does not meet the threshold for having an audit or review completed.

Fill in the above blank or simply provide the current year budget. Indicate separately any special assessment, excess funds transfer, loan proceeds or other extraordinary funding transfers to reserves.

Check here if the association has no reserve expenditures.
In context of the existing reserve study, list (or attach) reserve expenditures and include scope of work. Describe components utilizing their number from the prior year’s reserve study. It may be simplest to copy our Section II, Expense Forecast, and highlight, circle or mark-up the previous stated projections. GL’s should only be provided if they are richly annotated with notes relating to distinct components and well defined scopes of work. GL’s without significant annotation do not work.

Reserve Expense #1

Reserve Expense #2

Reserve Expense #3

Reserve Expense #4

Reserve Expense #5

Reserve Expense #6

Attach budget, balance sheet and other supporting documentation.

Current fiscal year budget.

LAST FISCAL YEAR END balance sheet. The balance sheet must contain the reserve fund's balance, and if the balance sheet contains multiple "assets" that are not clearly identified, please identify the reserve assets.

Invoices, proposals and other documents explaining scope of any relevant reserve work completed or planned. If proposals indicate options, please indicate which option(s) are included. Combine multiple items into a single document before attaching here.

When you press submit, the completed form will be sent to BRG and emailed to you for your records.