Documents Available Online

We are pleased to introduce the BRG Document Delivery System (DDS).


Access is only available for individuals that have a current email address on file with BRG. Portfolio management company managers/employees will have access to their own company’s entire portfolio, and large scale association contacts will only have access to their own association.

If an employee, manager or assistant leaves the management company or if a contact leaves the large scale association, notify BRG about the individual’s departure so that their access is removed.


It’s easy to register! Paste the following link into your browser: or go to the BRG home page and click the “Client Log In” button at the top of the home page, click the “Register” tab, and follow the instructions. If you experience trouble, please see the troubleshooting steps further down this page.


Enter all required registration information and then click the Register button. Your full name, phone number and email address are required, and your email address MUST match the email address we have on file for you as a member of a management company or large scale association. Your name and phone number do not need to exactly match our records but are needed so that we can contact you if there are problems during the registration process.

Registration Form

Registration Confirmation Email

Watch your email inbox for a Registration Confirmation email from Ensure that your email program and spam filters accept email from and check your junk and spam folders. The Registration Confirmation email should arrive in short order but arrival may take up to 24 hours.

Click the confirmation link contained in the body of the Registration Confirmation email. If clicking the link doesn’t take you back to the registration page, copy the link from the email and paste that link into your web browser.

Create Your Password

Enter a password in both the Password and Confirm Password boxes, and then click the Set Password button. Your password must contain at least 6 characters. Save your password in a safe location.

Password Creation Form

Once your password is set, a message containing your user name will appear similar to the following:

Registration Success Form

Click the link to proceed to login.


Enter your email address, secret password, and click the Log In button. Your email address is your user name.

Login Screen

Please let us know about your experience with this process.



1. Trouble registering.

You must use the current email address that we have on file for you. Do not use your home or personal email unless that is the email address we have on file for you. At this time our system will only accept one email address per individual.

If you attempt to register with an email address that we do not have on file, you will see a message stating this and that an automatic email has been delivered to the BRG admin. If you believe that your registration attempt failed and you used your current email address, contact BRG to update our records.

2. You do not receive the Registration Confirmation email.

Make sure that the Registration Confirmation email is not in your Junk or Spam folder(s). Since the Registration Confirmation email body contains a link, it may be blocked by your firewall or spam filter software. Please “white list” (make active) the Browning Reserve Group domain: on your company server.

The Registration Confirmation email is sent from email address:

The Registration Confirmation email may take up to 24 hours (most users receive it within minutes).

3. You do not see your managed clients.

We may not have you as the manager for the proper clients. Call us to fix.

Call (916) 393-0600 if you have any questions.