Work With BRG

Working with BRG is as easy as clicking on one of the forms or links to the left.
The Request Reserve Study is an online form that in a few short minutes will allow you to transmit to us information about your community or project so that we can quickly email you a bid for our services. For our Nevada clients, you will receive an emailed bid with the cost redacted, and a hard copy will be immediately mailed in a double-sealed envelope.
The Update Without Site Visit Form is an online form (a pdf version is also available,) that will enable any of our existing clients to transmit the proper information back to us, so that we may prepare the reserve study update and disclosures in the “off” years when a site visit study is not required by statute.
The Loan Form is for our California HOA clients that have a loan, for more than one year, for any reason. This simple online form will allow us to disclose the loan information so that the association will be in compliance with the Davis Stirling Act.